Trading Partners

In overseas trade, since we began exporting molding machines and raw materials etc. to Brazil’s largest plastic sheet maker Sansuy company, we were able to make big connections with Sao Paulo’s Japanese society. Since then, we are expanding transactions with Brazilian companies. In import from Brazil, we introduce health food such as propolis to Japan. Brazil is said to be a treasure trove of natural resources, and there is also a rich history on medicinal herbs by indigenous Indians. It seems that there is no doubt that it is a country that holds the key to the future of the global environment.
In addition, trade business with Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, India is steadily developing.


MN Propolis Industria Comercio e Exportacao Ltda (BRAZIL)
Troric Of Capricorn (BRAZIL)
Everplast Machinery Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
品穎機械有限公司 (Taiwan)
廷昇工業股份有限公司 (Taiwan)


Sansuy S.A.Ind. de Plasticos (BRAZIL)
Plascony Industria de Plasticos Ltda(BRAZIL)
典立塑膠股份有限公司 (Taiwan)